How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategies

digital marketing strategies

Many advertisers don’t set focused benchmarks before executing digital strategies. Those who don’t see how their digital campaigns and their rivals’ activities stack up in the market, are losing large amount of money to contenders as measured by traffic, conversions, and revenue.

In comparison, smart advertisers are boosting their advanced execution by first understanding their rivals’ methodologies and after that, and at exactly that point, building clever computerized crusades in view of where and how contenders are winning and losing on the web.

With the right digital content and assets, they can move them through the purchase funnel and increase RODI (return on digital investment).

Some advertisers are finding themselves with the data important to achieve their clients, however, they can’t sift through the information to discover what is truly needed to boost the value.

Here are four key competitive benchmarking strategies that smart marketers can use to uncover actionable competitive insights.


In digital marketing, competition is fierce and changing constantly. Digital marketing competition can differ by vertical, specialty unit or product offering.

For your digital strategies to be complete and viable, you should know your competition. While most advertisers have a rundown of opponent brands they track, it is likely that they confront competition from organizations and brands they won’t know about in digital environments.

Share of voice AND share of market

Share of voice (SOV) is about what percentage of the overall digital space is yours. You can likewise gauge advance by looking at how your offer of voice stacks up against the opposition at different phases of the purchaser travel. Doing this enables you to adjust, refine and streamline digital messaging, efforts and resources to maximize conversions across all areas of the buying cycle.

Gap analysis

Gap analysis helps you compare how well you are attracting and engaging with your target audience in relation to your competition. Gap analysis empowers digital marketers to:

  • Discover where and how contenders are winning and you aren’t;
  • Think about crusades, subjects, themes and advanced resources; and
  • Fabricate digital strategies and improve crusades to close any gaps.


To remain competitive and stay one step ahead of the competition, it is vital to continually track noteworthy moves in the advanced scene.

Smart digital marketers set up frameworks and fabricate reports to consequently recognize irregularities in the market and feed this right back to the relevant business units so action can be taken immediately.

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