Go Digital; But Don’t Exclude Print

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Yes, there has been the rapid surge of internet and social media. Digital advertising has become rampant in almost every part of the world. Yet print is not exactly dead. In fact, it is very much alive.

There are many brick-and-mortar businesses that still mail out postcards, install window decals, hang banners and place sidewalk signs to get the required attention from their customers. That said you don’t need to have a physical storefront to benefit from print media.

Print advertising can be used in combination with digital advertising, to generate more traffic to your website and improve sales.

So what is it that makes magazine advertisement relevant even in the age of digital media?

Customers are less-likely to engage with other activities while reading magazines. This kind of engagement is highly unlikely in case of TV, radio and internet. Also, the pace at which consumers go through print ads is much higher when compared to internet advertisements.

It establishes better credibility

Most consumers consider magazine ads more trustworthy when compared to those on TV and internet.  They tend to have a positive impact on the minds of the readers. Moreover magazine ads are untouched by the fear of spam, which is so common in internet advertising. This adds up to their legitimacy in the eyes of the consumers.

It create a lasting impact

Magazines stay in houses and offices for weeks, months and even years. In comparison internet ads disappear into the cyber space almost instantly. Furthermore, by translating visual designs in a much appealing manner, magazine ads tend to solidify brand identity in a much easier and effective way. The tactile memories that the customers gain by feeling and smelling paper make it easier for them to associate with brands for longer.

It helps in reaching out to target audience in a better way

By publishing ads in specialty magazines, it is possible to reach out to niche audience in a much easier way. You could even make such ads personable by including a picture of yourself or even a short handwritten-note about your promotions.

It is important to utilize multiple channels of advertising so as to reach out to every part of your target demographic. Striking the right balance between the different media channels is the only thing that can ensure a consistent flow of revenue, new customers and sales. With many still reveling in the glory of magazine ads, print for sure cannot be excluded from this list.

More and more businesses have started to rely only on the internet for their advertising needs. This has reduced the growth of print advertising to a low 7%. If you are wise enough you would be using this very decline as your marketing advantage.

The fact remains that despite the decline in growth, print still occupies a major share in the advertising pie at 37%. A further 9.5% growth is expected by the end of the year 2017. So, wake up and grab this opportunity at the earliest. Who knows you might even get more room for your ad at an affordable price.

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