Analytics and Personalization – When Cold numbers Are Key To Warm Relationships

Analytics and Personalization – When Cold numbers Are Key To Warm Relationships

Jun 25

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For long the two seemed contradictory. Data cannot be commensurate with the personal touch. But in the digital age, marketers find that, engaging buyers and knowing their interests and touch points can be done remotely by accessing data.

The common sense answer to that is never before have we had such capacity for collection and analysis of large data.From sports teams to marketers’ meeting rooms to political campaigns it seems everyone wants to take advantage of the possibilities.

However, what we should keep in mind is that privacy concerns have never been higher too. It is important the the consumers know that the company sharing a message with potential consumers cares about the issues they care about. By that measure data is only the means to the end. Campaigns still need to be designed withpeople they are intended for in mind.

The next part of the task is obviously to ensure that the campaign designed for a particular purpose and audience accomplishes that objective by reaching the intended people. This requires, not only for an agency to have its hand on the pulse but be able to interpret the data from that, to best fulfil campaign objectives. Having real time data is not the answer but an enhanced tool to acutely fine tune the messages and their delivery. It also will shape performance. However, as this article shows with regard to the retail industry, having data does not merely inform producers and marketers regarding the consumers but about the thinking behind the production and supply itself. Sticking with the retail market, in the Indian context, it has seen exponential growth since the turn of the century and is prime real estate for business, considering reports on consumer confidencein that sector of the market.

With this in mind fast growing and morphing markets in developing countries such as India provide prime opportunity to incorporate data and its analysis correctly from the get go. However, we must sometimes be careful of getting what we wish for. Data can be informative and empowering if used correctly in a focused manner but also can be confusing and lead us astray from our campaign objectives and the purpose of our designs.

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