Billboards And Hoardings

Large Format Ads for Bigger and Better Brand Impact

  • Reach out to the Masses in a faster and cost-effective way
  • Innovative options to increase customer engagement
  • Catch your prospects while they are in the shopping mode

It is the size of billboards and hoardings that makes them so advantageous. Through large, bright and eye-catching graphics you can effectively deliver your key message to everyone who happens to pass by your billboard or hoarding. You get full control over your ad space, while getting to display your message 24/7, 7 days a week. With Mplan as your media buying expert, you can expect innovative strategies focused on customer engagement, which help in creating a memorable brand impact and highest brand recall. Through customized placements of your billboards and hoardings, we can even drive traffic to your store.

How we can help you

  • We help you choose the right areas to advertise based on the demographics of your target audience.
  • We can help you book strategically positioned ad spaces that make it easier to capture the attention of your audience and deliver your brand message.
  • We help you achieve maximum returns on your investment whatever may be your budget on ad spend.
  • We make it possible for you to reach out to even those consumers who are difficult to access through traditional marketing methods.
  • By suggesting perfect placements of your billboards & hoardings, we help you exercise that last window of influence on your consumers, just when they are ready to shop.

Our Approach

For us the right approach is that which takes us towards helping you achieve your objectives. The process always starts with understanding your requirements and goals and coming up with a plan that meets them, while staying within the budgetary constraints. You can choose from a variety of Billboard and hoarding options as per your budget and goals.

standard billboards

Standard Billboards & Hoardings

Also known as bulletins, these are the ones you see on highways, expressways and heavy traffic streets. These are printed on paper and pasted on billboards by workers. You can add a few three-dimensional elements, moving parts or extensions to enhance your audience engagement and create better impact.

digital billboard

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards make it easy to launch your ads instantly, by eliminating the need to take down and paste ads. They offer great flexibility by allowing running text, video ads and animations. You can choose specific time slots to run your ads depending upon the commute times of your target audience.

tri boards

Tri-Vision Boards

Tri-vision boards can help you create the same impact as a bulletin but in a more cost-effective way. The outdoor design of this billboard is divided into vertical strips so as to display three different messages on an eight-second schedule. The best part is that you can share your message with two others.

wallscape board


If you want more space to display your information, you can choose wallscape ads that are attached to the exterior building surfaces in high traffic areas. Available in formats as large as 700 feet, wallscapes offer extremely high visibility. You can also add eye-catching special effects to enhance the impact.

mobile board

Mobile Billboards & Hoardings

You can display your message on to the side of a truck or trailer that is essentially mobile. You can fasten a large vinyl sheet using a specialized aluminum frame or even apply it as decal. Other options include getting your advertisement painted or using a digital display billboard or hoarding.

poster paint

Posters and Painted Billboards

If you are promoting a local product and wish to hit the local market you can use a poster, which is half in width when compared to a bulletin. You can choose from premium panels, 8 sheet or 30 sheet posters. If it is just a single billboard that you require, you could even get it painted.

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