Billboards And Hoardings

Billboards And Hoardings

Billboards and hoardings can help make a big impact in your local area. These ads put your message right in front of your potential customers.

  • Outdoor advertising is highly prominent and does not require the consumer to do anything to access it.
  • Most people regard it as less intrusive than other methods of advertising.
  • Outdoor advertising engages the consumer, providing color, humor, and insight.
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The range of the price for each size is determined including circulation, demographics, and impressions.

  • Demographics is what type of people are driving by the billboard, generally broken down by age, gender, and income level.
  • Impressions are measured by the number of people who see the advertisement.
  • Billboard’s visibility from the road, size and the speed at which the traffic on the nearest road is traveling, all are derived from the circulation of the billboard.
  • High traffic, high visibility, and high-income areas will cause billboard prices to be the highest.

Billboards and hoardings on the high street catch your potential customers while they are in shopping mode. A good poster campaign can prompt shoppers to buy your products there and then, especially if you are running a promotion as an incentive.

Interactive spots to allow consumers to connect with the product and the message are growing. Such advertising along with many other traditional forms add to the consumer interaction with the brand and encourage it’s more direct and personal presence the world of the consumer.

Strategic and incisive advertising can be a very effective platform for engagement with the target group at a regional or local scale.

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