Fear-factor audience development strategies

Why is it so important?

Mplan has found out that the effectiveness of a campaign comes when targeting is done precisely to the right group of people. Experts at predictive marketing automation platform give us a word of caution that, platform or the channel strategies can yield disappointing results as “targeting must be individual-centric, not channel- or product-centric.”

According to data, Brands lose out on 40% of spend by not having the right audience strategy. In 2018, more than 30% of wasted-spend over 4.29 million dollars was identified for improper audience targeting strategies used by the brands. In a recent survey by Rakuten Marketing, marketers estimated they waste 26% of their budget on the wrong strategies and advertising channels.

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Audience Development Strategy (ADS)

We use our proprietary ADS method, get your audience strategy before planning the next media campaign. Each medium has it’s own way of targeting to your TG with our TG Segmentation strategies, catering the campaigns to them in order to reap-in the best possible results.

With extensive in-house data team, we help brands to chalk the audience tailored to their verticals. We guide a route-map for change, for growing audiences, to increase reach, to build deeper sustainable relationships. With ADS, we provide precise campaign TG Segmentation strategies with over 90% accuracy.

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How Audience strategy helps?

Who are you, customers? What do you know about them? Do you really know about them or are you just vaguely predicting the stats. Does the brand know the pain points? What motivates them, why they want or need whatever it is that you are offering to them? and other market segmentation strategies. To know the ideal & target customers, analysing information from the available data, CRM’s, publicly available & accessible premium information, analytics & tools insights will be extremely helpful to know more the right group of people for the brand. Data to identify key insights about the customers, the actions they take & what makes them your ideal audience/ not, as market segmentation strategies. A digital marketing firm after shifting to a content strategy with audience targeting in 2018, saw a 744% increase in organic traffic within 12 months.

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What actually happens

We offer one-stop solutions for brands to procure exceptional audience development strategies. It encompasses of TG using demographics, behavioural analysis, sentimental analysis, advanced AI, ML engines, voice data, search & purchase patterns. With extensive use of current & historical data for a better accumulation of multitude, we provide the means of turning viewers into regular subscribers on all advertising channels.

Use & making sense of Data

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  • Understanding your TG through data sources.
  • Brand marketing manager, decision maker’s understanding.
  • Audience development strategies with usage & attitude (U&A) study.

Using syndicated data research

risk-investigation audience research agency

  • Uses sources like NRS, IRS databases, with pan-India coverage.
  • Household panel data of consumers.
  • Media segmentation focussed targeting for each media.

Demographics, Psychographics.

risk-investigation audience research agency

  • The analysis includes Age, Gender, Place, Location, time<.
  • Interests & choice of purchase – TGI & Pulse.
  • Size of the segment of the audience, selectivity index.

Advanced AI & ML.


  • With the use of AI & ML methods to understand TG better.
  • Search & purchase pattern identification.
  • Estimate & influence customer purchase decisions.

Beyond the text-book approach.


  • Media research with SEC definition & classification for the brand.
  • Ethnicity and life-stages of the targeting individual.
  • Increasing reach, building deeper connections.

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